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Post #5: your words, your world….Italy

"Il caffè è il balsamo del cuore e dello spirito." Giuseppe Verdi

This fortnight’s blog post marks the start of a new collection of posts, ‘your words, your world…’, through which I ever so kindly enlighten you with a cultural observation whenever I feel I have learnt something mildly useful. For the first installation, I wanted to share with you a brief remark on a culture that I have become particularly acquainted with over the last four years.

It may well be cliché, but Italian culture is beautiful. The language, the food, the stunning scenery, and of course the wine. However, having become rather close with a certain Italian, I have come to gain a far deeper, profound understanding of this fascinating culture, and know that there are certain things that can just never be replaced.

One of these is a caffè. The beloved caffè.

There are a few fundamental things you need to know when it comes to an Italian and their coffee:

  1. Always espresso. This is particularly crucial after meal times. (A milky drink after a big plate of pasta = just, no).
  2. Never question the macchinetta. It’s true that this beautifully designed piece of machinery produces the ultimate espresso each and every time. However, it is indeed so flawless in the eyes of a coffee-loving Italian that if you dare suggest an alternative method (do not mention the nespresso word), or worse, attempt to use the machine with your untrained hands and make a mistake, resulting in the dirtying of said machine or even ‘bad coffee’, expect to be met with looks of fierce disdain.
  3. If you aren’t partial to un caffè, and prefer a nice spot of tea like myself, expect to be frowned upon. Also expect to be offered an espresso after every meal, on the off chance that you might like it this time. Amaretto coffee? Vanilla coffee? Mint coffee? Do you like it yet? NO.

I hope one day to be accepted for my coffee-despising, tea-loving self by my boyfriend. Until then, I will keep persevering on the coffee front. One more sip, and maybe I’ll like it.

So, remember, never get in the way of an Italian and their coffee, or it WILL end badly for you.


Rebecca Durose Tuesday 19 May 2015