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Post #14: A Croatian Escape

"Tko ne vaze, nema blaga". Croatian Proverb

If you read my latest blog post, you’ll already know that I think it’s really important to make time for a holiday as a freelancer, and I mean a real holiday with no laptop, no emails and no translation. I know that other translators have differing opinions on this and that there are lots who prefer to stay in the game whilst they are away and keep everything ticking over, but for me, fully switching off means that I am even more motivated and excited to get back into everything once I’m back. I also think its healthy to remind yourself that there is a life away from work, which can be tricky when you are always managing your own work schedule.

So, this year my boyfriend and I did what everyone else seems to be doing and went to Croatia, exploring a few of the island and the Dalmatian Coast. IT’S GREAT. You should go. Here are some pictures, and I’ll try to make some intelligent comments afterwards.

So, as far as the intelligent comments I promised you go, I won’t actually say too much here, firstly as I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert in travel or blogging, and most definitely not travel blogging, and secondly because really I think you need to go to find out what it’s all about. However, one highlight I have to mention is a little restaurant on Vis Island that you can’t not go to if you ever make it over there yourself. If you are a lover of plush beach bars and speedy service, this is definitely not for you, however if you are searching for a long afternoon in a truly authentic atmosphere, nestled into a cove beside crystal clear waters, feasting on whatever the owner Senko has managed to catch that day, you’ll fall in love with Senko’s hidden restaurant in Mola Trovna.

You can read more about it :here

Of course, don’t all rush over there at once, as the true charm really resides in its undiscovered, untouched character. If you do go, don’t tell anyone… shhh.

Thanks for reading!

Rebecca Durose Monday 25 September 2016