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Post #16: Pizza, pasta, translate, repeat.

"Loving life is easy when you are abroad. Where no one knows you and you hold life in your hands all alone, you are more master of yourself than at any other time". Hannah Arendt

In September this year, I decided to leave the mad whirlwind that is London in search for pizza, pasta and prosecco. Living abroad has one main advantage for language professionals, and that of course is being fully submerged in one of your working languages on a daily basis, and this was one of the main reasons why I decided to make the move. However, for me, the benefits of living abroad as a freelance translator far exceed those simply related to language proficiency.

MOTIVATION. Waking up in a new, exciting environment really motivates me to work to the very best of my ability and go out and seek new potential clients.

INSPIRATION. Meeting new people with incredible stories can be a real source of inspiration, whether it is a new client I want to target, a new approach to organising and managing my projects or simply a new outlook on working and life in general.

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE. Working with languages means working with people from all over the world, often with differing expectations, approaches and even lifestyles, which can significantly change the way you need to tackle a project, from negotiating and interacting with a client at the beginning of the process, to actually completing the project and to then finally delivering the final piece and dealing with any queries at the end. I find that living in a different country contributes to my understanding of how people work in different contexts and situations, hopefully making me a better translator and professional in general.

LIFE BALANCE. Living and socialising with new people who don’t speak my mother tongue really forces me to get my work/life balance back, which is something I often struggle with, as it constantly reminds me how much there is to learn and experience outside of the translation bubble.

HEALTH. This may sound silly, as you may think that eating my weight in pasta everyday is more detrimental than beneficial to my health. HOWEVER, living in a country that places so much importance on taking the time to eat and refuel has really improved my general wellbeing. I no longer work through lunch staring at my laptop, but take the time to enjoy a plate of tagliatelle al ragù and give my brain a rest.

Thanks for reading, ciao for now!!

Rebecca Durose Monday 19 December 2016