DUROSE TRANSLATIONS Your words, your world.

I offer professional linguistic services, working from French, Spanish and Catalan into English.


Accurate translation of all types of documents into English. The type of translation produced depends on individual needs and I will always spend time discussing this with my clients before commencing the translation. As well as technical translations, which may require following the source text fairly rigidly, I also have experience translating other text-types, which may require a far more liberal approach, such as fiction, advertisements, and other creative texts. I also provide summary translations if you require a shorter target text.


Detail-orientated service that is used to check and resolve issues with previously translated documents. Whether you simply want to double check a translation, or if you are not happy with a translation, I will work with both the source text and target text to ensure any issues regarding accuracy, style, cultural connotations, consistency, specific terminology, grammar and punctuation are resolved. My comprehensive and thorough study of the text will ensure that you walk away with perfect results, whatever the stage of the original translation.


Exhaustive study of the target text only, employed to ensure a truly polished result. Unlike my editing service, I do not refer to the source text when proofreading your document, focusing primarily on the grammar, syntax, expression and style of the English.


I also offer a flexible one-to-one French, Spanish & Catalan language tuition service for all levels and all ages. Whether you are learning for business, pleasure or preparing for GCSE/A Level examinations, I tailor my lessons to suit your individual goals and requirements. Contact me today for a free consultation lesson.