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Post #19: Dreaming of sunnier times…

"October extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and November arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and faces.” J.K. Rowling

The weather here in Bologna has made it very clear that the long summer days are coming to an end. I am no longer forced to translate sat in my underwear, nor do I need my refrigerated pillow. I can even get a solid seven hours’ sleep without getting up every 40 minutes to have a cold shower.

Jokes aside, I’m definitely a summer person. Having spent two weeks lying on beautiful beaches in Sardinia and Sicily, as well as the odd trip to Rimini, a weekend in Ventimiglia, a week in Greece and a fortnight playing on a cruise in the Canary Islands (my laptop accompanied me to the majority of the latter, I promise), I’m feeling pretty miserable now the rain and mid twenties have returned.

Costa Rei, Sardegna

Cala Pira, Sardegna

Valle dei Templi, Sicilia

However, this change in the weather also means that my productivity levels are set to soar. Yes, the grey, rainy, depressing weather makes me super productive. Or rather, it makes us all productive – it’s scientifically proven.

A study conducted by researchers at Harvard Business School concluded that workers complete tasks in a shorter amount of time on rainy days than on sunny days. It makes sense really: less sunshine means less daydreaming about all the things that we could be doing instead of working.

But that’s not the only positive. Sunlight makes us spend more money. It’s a fact. Given that sunshine makes us feel happier and more positive, we shop more.

So, not only will I be more productive come October, but I’ll also throw away less of my money on clothes, shoes and bags that I don’t need. WIN.

On a slightly less positive note, scientists have also proven that lack of sunlight causes serotonin levels to dip, and as these levels dip, our cravings for carbohydrates increase. This doesn’t bode well for someone living in the pasta capital of the world. By November I will be obese…but productive and slightly richer at least.

Thanks for reading ☺

Rebecca Durose Sunday 2 October 2017